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Dear Neighbor,

As a third-generation Orange resident, I'm proud to be homegrown and raised in Orange.

My wife and I are raising our children here, where they attend Orange Unified School District schools, just like I did.

I'm not a politician, and I've never run for elected office.  I'm just a concerned citizen, father, and businessman who wants to give back to Orange.

My service to our community includes:

  • I'm the Chairman of the Orange County Taxpayers Association
           Fighting new taxes and protecting Proposition 13 is our mission

  • I graduated from the Orange Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Orange program
           Interfacing with stakeholders from all facets of live in Orange

  • I coached Orange Little League and at Orange High School
           Giving back to our children and teenagers in the City of Orange

It would be an honor to represent you, and I respectfully ask for your vote for City Council.


Chip Monaco

CHIP MONACO's 5 Point Plan

Fight new taxes

“As the Chairman of the Orange County Taxpayers Association, I’ve fought against new taxes.
If I’m elected as your Councilman, I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Preserve our great history and traditions

“I’m a third-generation Orange resident and a graduate of the Orange Unified School District.
My wife and I are raising our two children here in Orange. I understand what a unique
community we live in. I will protect Orange’s great history and traditions, so that my children
can enjoy the same Orange I grew up with.”

Keep Orange safe

“We need to ensure Orange Fire and Orange Police have the resources needed to keep Orange
safe. I’m honored to be endorsed by the brave Orange City Firefighters who protect our community.”

Grow our economy

“We must adopt business-friendly policies to grow Orange’s economy. Bringing more
businesses to Orange helps bring more jobs to our city. ”

Reduce homelessness

“We must reduce homelessness in Orange with both services and enforcement. Homeless people
who want help should be connected to the services they need. Homeless people who are
unwilling to accept help must follow the law. We should empower our Orange Police to enforce
our laws when homeless people are unwilling to accept services.”

Orange County Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee
Orange City Firefighters
Lincoln Club of Orange County
Former Orange Mayor Carolyn V. Cavecche
Orange Mayor Pro Tem Mark A. Murphy
Former Orange Mayor Pro Tem Mike Spurgeon
Orange City Councilmember Mike Alvarez
Orange City Councilmember Fred M. Whitaker
Former Orange City Councilmember/Orange County Supervisor William G. Steiner
Orange County Auditor/Former Orange City Treasurer Eric H. Woolery, CPA